Portside Consulting provides service to Importers into the Canadian market. We manage the Customs Clearance of your products and monitor your shipment at all stages. We arrange for full documentation and consult with you closely so you understand each process in the logistics business. Our local knowledge of the Pacific and Canadian area can help you bring your items to the markets and buyers in the best way possible.

PORTSIDE Consulting

Canada Customs Broker

Your partner at the port.
Covering Ocean, Air, Ground transportation. Getting Clearance for shipments in your Supply Chain and Logistics operations

Wilson Man
*Member of Canadian Society of Customs Brokers
*Canada Border Services Agency Professional Broker Certification

Email: wilson@portsideconsulting.com

* Direct assistance and service to your Importing needs.

* Handling of documentation to Canada Customs

* Helping investors to start up business in the Canadian market

* Arranging complete delivery of freight to destination

Feel free to send me your inquiries. We can also discuss any business plans and offer you solutions that bring opportunity